Beautiful, kind, smart, caring

Sister of Cherry Ann Velasquez

Lover of music, pet, books

Who feels happy, and comfortable

Who gives happiness, love and comfort

Who fears ghost, snake, and parents

Who would like to see You Seung Ho and Park boo gum

Who lives in Lower Taway Ipil Zamboanga Sibugay




Caring, Religious, Passionate

Sister of Jay-ann B. Ansay

Lover of Books, Blogs and Music

Who feels Happy, Angry, Sad

Who gives happiness and inspiration to my family

Who fears of Snake, Ghost and Mythical creatures

Who like to see God and Fairy

Who lives in Kitabog, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay




Exotic, Friendly, Joker and most of all Lovable

Brother of Nesmarie C. Agutaya, Mary Joy  C. Agutaya and Maria sophia ayah C. Pinero

Lover of playing Basketball and eating

Who feels Happy, Active, and Complete

Who fears that someone who lost with my family

Who would like to see my future which I should really study hard

Who live in Kitabog, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay, Province where my family live




Helpful, kind, religious

Brother of Ferjoe L. Verallo

Lover of sports, play cellphone, movies

Who feels good, happy and angry

Who gives happines to my family

Who fears of God and ghost

Who would like to see God,

Who live in Kitabog, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay




Kind, respectful, lover and handsome

Lovers of music, pets, sports and movie

Who feels happy, good, angry

Who gives love to my family

Who fears in God and in my parents,

Who would like to see God

Who live in kitabog, Titay, Zamboanga Sibugay





Loving, sweet, understanding and joyful person

brother of Louie JY,

Lover of JADINE Loveteam, Foods and Dresses

Who feels happy, inspired and love everyday

Who gives love, inspiration to everyone

Who fears losing my loved ones

Who would like to see James Reid and Nadine Lustre

Who lives in Magdaup Ipil Zanboanga Sibugay.



Once upon a time there live in the middle of the forest the santos family, because they wanted to have a silence and peaceful living, Santos family has one lucky daughter named Jasmine who love to cooked, dance, sing and doing house holdchores, she is also a loving,  kind and caring daughter to her mother Tessa and her father Ramon.

In the forest only the Santos family lived their, because of hearsays that their are mysterious happenings in the forest, but the Santos family didn’t listened to that hearsays because they don’t believe in mysterious things. Jasmine has no other things to do in the entire week because she already finished her worked and her parents also are so busy and making charcoal to sell it in Baryo Silang, because this is the way to have a money. Jasmine plan to go around in the middle of the forest to amuse herself . She started walking around that meanwhile she heared a stroke of sound, Jasmine felt scared but she ignored it she  continued walking and sang (let it go, let it go Im one with the wind and sky…) but she sound got strongly and Jasmine stopped she run  away and she cried (mama, papa helped me) Jasmine shouted..suddenly she met a boy named Louie, Jasmine immediately hugged the boy.. (thank you here!) Jasmine said happily but the boy remain silence, she talked to the boy but he didn’t answered and talked often. A few minutes the boy hug  Jasmine (your princess) the boy said gently , she was shocked (what are you talking about?) (were strangers!). “I don’t care , the boy answered. After 3 weeks Jasmine didn’t go home she lived happily.

The parents of Jasmine was so worried about their daughter. In their being together Louie admit his true personality that he was a ghost, Jasmine was shocked and she cried but she ignored it because all she knew that she loved that Louie. 3 days after Jasmine and Louie are about in their home. Jasmine’s father immediately saw  her daughter (jasmine! where have you been? were so worried about you?!) Her father said named. ” and who’s that boy? do you know him?  they asked.. Jasmine tell them everything but eventhougth it is a bad thing to do between the ghost and human but they know that love conquer’s all. 

                                                                    THE END.